Why CCT?

At Cambridge College (Thailand), we focus on preparing students into the world with both professional experience and academic excellence.

Here are some of the benefits for studying at Cambridge College (Thailand):

Recognised qualification
Students who have successfully completed their two years of studies will be awarded with two recognised certificates of qualification, one from Cambridge College (Thailand) and one from Cambridge Regional College (UK).
A range of opportunities
Students are offered the opportunity to study alongside British students at Cambridge Regional College (UK) for one year after their two years of studying at Cambridge College (Thailand). They can then choose to further their education anywhere in the world or enter the workforce.
The cost of enrolling in an English college at a lower cost
While students are studying to gain their qualification from England, they are alternatively able to study in Thailand for the first two years of the course, which is much more cost effective than studying the entire three years in England. Students will nonetheless gain an identical qualification as those studying at CRC for the same length of time.