Why the best choice is Cambridge College (Thailand)

What Do You Get?
• We provide high quality education to Key Stage 3 (7-9) and IGCSE (10-11) students. By offering the UK National Curriculum adapted to an international context, our academic provision enables successful student transfers to higher education in any country.
Meet Our Partners!
• We are in partnership with Brockenhurst, UK, where students have the opportunity to pursue their studies and enhance their qualifications after graduation.

Prepared and Ready!
• Upon completion of Key Stage 3 and IGCSE Business and Science programs, our students are more than ready to become successful global citizens, well-prepared and qualified to study at any prestigious university in the world.
PBL is the Future!
• Through our Project Based Learning programme (PBL) students gain knowledge and skills by investigating and responding to engaging and complex questions, problems and challenges. Thus acquiring, problem solving, collaboration and self-management skills.
It's All About the Students!
• The college provides student-centered education in a safe and enhancing atmosphere, promoting a friendly and stimulating environment, so students feel secure and are able to develop to their full potential.
A Nice Place to Stay
• For boarding students we provide segregated dormitories, which include shared bedrooms, laundry service, free Wi-Fi, canteen, coffee shop and extensive sporting facilities.
Would You Like to Go on a Trip?
• We believe that learning cannot be limited to the classroom and that school trips are valuable and practical learning opportunities. So, throughout the year, the college provides numerous extracurricular activities which include vocational field trips, social volunteer work, and overseas summer camps.
How Much Did You Say!
• It is no longer necessary to incur the stress and expense of studying abroad. We now make it possible to receive first class, high quality British education at Thailand prices.
Be the Best That You Can Be
• Our aims are to challenge every student to fulfill their potential; to respect differences accepting the views and beliefs of others; to foster high moral and ethical standards; to educate students for life; to provide stimulating and challenging learning; to develop collaboration, cooperation and community spirit.
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