Stunning A-LEVEL results for Cambridge College (Thailand)’s former students


Pleum cooking authentic Thai green curry in Cambridge.

Cambridge College (Thailand) would like to congratulate Mr. Jiraphant Srisuriyachot - nicknamed Pleum, and one of the most talented among our former students - on his outstanding A-Level results.

Successfully completing his first year, Pleum got A in all his A-Level subjects: Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

This is fantastic and we are all proud of him!

After completing the two-year IGCSE course at Cambridge College (Thailand), Pleum decided to pursue his higher education in England and went to Cambridge. He chose the A-Level course in Engineering and he is currently studying at Cambridge Regional College. Next year, Pleum will be able to go to top universities anywhere in the world.

We would also like to congratulate Pleum’s parents and thank them for putting their trust in Cambridge College (Thailand) and Cambridge Regional College, our prestigious partner.