Our House System

The house system originates in the United Kingdom, and is a traditional feature of schools and colleges in English-speaking countries. The school is divided into groups called 'houses', and each student is permanently allocated to one house at the moment of enrollment. Houses may compete with one another at academic and social activities, sports, and maybe in other ways, thus providing a focus for creativity, cooperation, and group loyalty.

At Cambridge College (Thailand), in October 2016, we established three houses. The names, symbols, mottos and values of each group were researched and determined by the students themselves. Our houses are named after highly revered historic statesmen of Great Britain: Sir Winston Churchill, Harold Macmillan, and Neville Chamberlain.

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So here comes a brief description of our houses:

1. Winston House

Motto: “New thinking, new possibility”
Coat of arms:

house system, winston churchill

Symbolism (and meanings):

Yellow colour: Understanding, respect, virtue and generosity
Bow with arrow (pointing down): ready for action, defense (protecting values)
Falcon: smart, fast, and persisent
Book: knowledge and education
Chrysanthemum (flower): philosophy and wisdom
Crown: loyalty to the kingdom
Lions: courage and warrior

Founding members: Chompoo, Ploy, Chinjung, A, Fah, Ethan, Pim, Bank, Amp, Ooy, Inglong, Bas

For the history of Sir Winston Churchill, please, click HERE.


2. Macmillan House

Motto: “Learn to help the unfortunate”
Coat of arms:

house system, macmillan

Symbolism (and meanings):

Red colour: love, passion, courage, leadership, action, and determination
Rook (chess piece): strategy and defense
Red cross: charity, humanity, and helping others
Handshake: friendship, peace, and assistance
Tree: strength, life, nature, and environment
Eagles: high intellect, ready for action, freedom, and visionary

Founding members: Kate, Tiger, Pim, Cream, Khawhorm, Baifern, Yun, Non, Ploy, Atom, Aim, Kim

For the history of Harold Macmillan, please, click HERE.


3. Chamberlain House

Motto: “To be good rather than to be conspicuous”
Coat of arms:

house system, chamberlain

Symbolism (and meanings):

Blue colour: trust, truth, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence
Dragon: powerful, brave, and guardian
Castle: stability, security, family, homeland, and patriotism
Sword (pointing down): defense, ready for action, and loyal to the country
Knight helm: wisdom, righteousness, loyalty, strength, and invulnerability

Founding members: Jai-Jai, Four, Good, Kim, Bam, Ome, Phoom, Nave, Bas, Weun, Chewik, Piano, Sand

For the history of Neville Chamberlain, please, click HERE.