Distinguished Visitors at CCT

On Monday, 31 October 2016, we were greatly privileged to be visited by our distinguished guests Dr. Amnuay Tapingkae, Advisor of Payap University, and Mr. Chuchai Kasemsant, former Thai ambassador to several countries. They both shared great inspirational thoughts with us for which are very grateful.

dr amnuay tapingkae, payao universitychuchai kasemsant, thai ambassador

amnuay tapingkaeambassador of thailandcambridge college

Dr. Amnuay Tapingkae talked about "excellences" we must achieve in our life. They are academic excellence, professional excellence, and life excellence. He said that there is a philosophy in everything we do, and that is to always try to do our best in any task we have to undertake.

He also added that accumulating wealth cannot be the ultimate goal of our life as it doesn't necessarily lead to happiness. Instead, we should try to pursue a "meaningful life", because nowadays most people learn just to "get, get, get, and then forget". However, as Dr. Amnuay wisely advised, it is much more pleasing to learn how to "give, give, give, and forgive".

Mr. Chuchai Kasemsant called our attention to the importance of "garbage management" as one of the vital problems of our modern world. He said that action should be taken right at the root of the problem, and therefore, in his opinion, this topic should be included in our school curriculum and taught as a subject.