CCT students went to Phitsanulok Panyanukul School

On the 27th of June, 2015, our CCT students, The Kristakunanukul Youth Team and listeners of Phitsanulok Christian Radio FM 95.25 MHz went to Phitsanulok Panyanukul School, Makham Sung Subdistrict to carry out voluntary social work.

Phitsanulok Panyanukul is a school for ‘Special’ children who are LD, Autistic and hearing impaired. We sang songs using sign language, we performed role plays and promoted the use of basic and essential motor skills.


At Cambridge College (Thailand) we expect our students to acquire a sense of understanding, sympathy and concern for their fellow human beings. They must learn that it’s their role to give back to society as much as they can. Therefore, we encourage our IGCSE  students to carry out some form of social work for at least 20 hours within a 2 year period, and our Key Stage 3 students 20 hours within 3 years. We feel it is imperative that all our students are made aware that they too are a part of society and that they must help those who are less fortunate than themselves.


While they were there, the students behaved politely and respectfully. They were involved with the children and I could see genuine sympathy and consideration on their faces. It gave me a great feeling of joy and pride that they had represented Cambridge College (Thailand) so positively and so well.